Today, I give you one recipe for a restorative June weekend that resulted in people asking me why I was “glowing” today: 28 hours on a favorite Great Lakes island.

The Most Perfect Week

I should hasten to add, this past weekend did follow The Most Perfect Week. Wednesday brought both of my dear, dear daughters and the most wonderful grand-baby in town for an”over-the-top” launch of my book facilitated by Wayne State University Press at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. On the Great Lakes Basin island of Belle Isle, those in attendance watched the Detroit River flowed past the room’s wall of windows. (Take a peek from the wild side!)

A lot of excitement! A lot of love and celebration! A lot of exclamation points!


Four generations at the book launch: both my daughters, my granddaughter, my mom (the artist C. Dunphy who created the 11 watercolor maps for my book), and me.

When Thursday dawned, the departure of our younger daughter back to Denver, followed by the Friday departure of our elder daughter and grand-baby back to Durham felt all too, too soon.

The Most Perfect Week’s End

So Saturday morning, my husband and I got up and aimed our car south, back to the river. To and through Detroit.  Into the tunnel, under the river, across the Canada-U.S. Border, and through Canadian Customs (something similar to “Over the River and Through the Woods” if we could just get the tune right).

Through Windsor to Highway 3, toward Lake Erie, by way of Leamington, the usual route this time of year. But today, the southwest wind was at  18 knots and Capt. Harvey had decided better to dock and depart from Kingsville, so back to Kingsville we drove.

Then off to Pelee Island on the 10:00 a.m. ferry on a beautiful Saturday morning! Islands, they’re where I go for freedom, solace, relaxation. But more than that, I’ve come to discover that islands are particularly useful for keeping me in the here and now. (In the featured photo atop this posting, you’ll see my husband and me, reflected, departing for the here and now via the M.V. Jiimaan.)

First Saturday’s island work . . .

Grass to cut (him) and the beach to clean (me) . . .

. . . Trees to trim and brush to burn (both of us).

Finally, a sunset to watch . . .


Then the  island pleasure continued

That would be a Sunday Drive around the island, stopping where we pleased.


A stop at Pelee Island Coneheads in West Dock for sugar cones, one sweet black cherry, one caramel praline.


A drive on a sun-dappled island road.


Through West Dock and south, past East West Road, where West Shore Road becomes McCormick Road.


Fish Point Provincial Park is the main attraction here, but if you park your vehicle or bike in the parking area and instead of south, cross McCormick Rd. and head west, you’ll see this . . .










The trail to Mosquito Bay. Take it!


The woods open up quickly to Lake Erie.


See how soon?


On such a clear day, this is the view of the 352-foot Doric column of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial on South Bass Island (aka Put-in-Bay).










The view of the beach looking south to Fish Point. Middle Island is in the distance with Kelleys Island beyond it.









The view of the beach at your feet. Can you spot a fossil or two?



The view of the bay looking north. Hen Island is in the distance on the horizon.









We drove around the rest of the island until we were back with Hen Island due west on the horizon. Those are her three “chicks” to the north: Big Chicken Island, Chick Island, and Little Chicken Island.


The Jiimaan was heading back from the mainland for  its Sunday 4:00 trip off the island.









Soon we were back up on deck . . .


. . . raising a glass . . .








. . . and waving goodbye.