All About The Great Lakes Children's Book

All About The Great Lakes

By Maureen Dunphy

Illustrated by Amber Calderon

The Great Lakes are North America’s own inland seas. What surprises lurk hidden at the bottom of the Lakes or in their past? Pirates, shipwrecks, forests, and mysteries abound. Bordered by nine states or provinces, the Lakes hold 21% of the world’s fresh water. In this young reader’s book, Maureen lays out the history of the Great Lakes in its many facets. She includes geological, ecological, and human history. By weaving these all together, the author allows the reader to better understand the world’s largest group of freshwater lakes.


“You will discover the Great Lakes Basin’s many riches and the challenges the future holds for the health of this great North American treasure. 128 pages with 55 illustrations, this book is suitable reading for anyone 10 to 100.”
—Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine

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