The new “Arboretum” menu choice is a place to showcase tree photos from you and other readers.

Arboretum is a place to showcase photos of trees: favorite trees, unusual trees, or just trees you see going about your everyday life or while traveling.

If you e-mail a tree photo(s), I’ll plant (i.e., post) it in the Arboretum. You’re welcome to include any information (or not) about the tree: the tree’s location and/or species; why you noticed it and/or the relationship you have with it; and any other interesting things about the tree. Tree information you share will be included in the photo’s caption.

Check out “Leigh’s Larches” . . . the inspiration for adding the Arboretum feature. Thanks, Leigh!

Do you have a photo of a tree to add to the Arboretum? Send it to