The List

Here is the list of trees suggested in the past 3 weeks (plus) in response to my question: “What species of tree should I plant in Royal Oak on Arbor Day 2019?”

Three Good Sources of Tree Information

Most of the species of trees in the list above are linked to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Resources Conservation Resources (NRCR) Plant Fact Sheet/Plant Guide for the individual species. Because the American Elm is no longer recommended for planting, there is no Plant Fact Sheet/Plant Guide, so I turned to The Morton Arboretum* Search Trees” features. I also used this resource for the Pawpaw, Japanese Maple, and Magnolia. I linked the Dawn Redwood to the American Conifer Society website.

*The Morton Arboretum was founded in 1922 by Joy Morton (1855-1934).  Morton had previously founded the Morton Salt Company in Chicago in 1885. “The inspiration for the Arboretum had its origins in Mr. Morton’s own family tree. His father, J. Sterling Morton (1832–1902), was the founder of Arbor Day. Over the decades, the Arboretum, 25 miles west of Chicago in Lisle, has continued to evolve, while staying true to the Morton family motto, ‘Plant Trees.’” (Adapted from the Morton Arboretum “Mission and History“)